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Client Testimonials for Han (Alice) Wang

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Henry Wong
Alice was diligent and resilient in her work to find the best options for me. She was very thorough in providing stats and data spreadsheets to detail out the finances.
Dr. Olga Arnow
Alice is Great! She is very professional and helped me with everything!

She found a great buyer for my apartments and kept me informed with every step of the process.

Thank you!

Client Testimonials for Wilbert James

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Carla Shere
Wilbert, thank you so much for attending and participating in Humanities Prep Career Day! You were great and gave sage advice to our students who are interested in business..........it was also great that you shared your experience attending Baruch College because we have a partnership with Baruch where our students take college classes in high school and many will end up attending college there if they stay in the city.........I really appreciate you taking the time to help us out!


Carla Shere, Ed.D.
Director of College Planning
Humanities Preparatory Academy

Client Testimonials for Kevin Kennison

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Erica Yoon
"It was pleasure meeting you as you graciously spent time showing me the lovely house."

Thank you
Nina Kim - Client
"You have been superb in every aspect."


Client Testimonials for Norman Steiner

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Client selling Condo, and seeking short term rental
When I ask the rental broker if he had connected with you, he said:

"Yes, I have connected. Norman reached out to me. You have a good broker there."


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